Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mike Maddens Resignation Letter

Fellow Directors,

The treatment the public received during the course of the Pizza Luce 
parking lot debacle was reprehensible and completely contrary to our 
mission. The attempt by the dissenting minority to set matters straight 
was met with personal attacks, discriminatory application of board 
rules, and scurrilous allegations. Last night's meeting convinced me 
that a clique of the UPDC's current leaders knows no boundaries in their 
treatment of board members willing to call out impropriety. In 
particular, I will not abide the President's allegation that there were 
"other instances of threatening behavior" in addition to those made by 
the Executive Director, and that her knowledge of that behavior comes 
from "first hand experience". I deny having ever threatened anyone 
associated with this board and I resign.

Mike Madden