Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter to Council Member Carter

February 26, 2012
Dear Council Member Carter
Thank you for your consideration in allowing more time for our organization, Save our Selby (SOS) to further clarify our opposition to a second parking lot planned by Pizza Luce at 1170 Selby Avenue.  Our organization acknowledges and respects the vitality successful businesses can bring to any neighborhood; however we believe that all businesses should also fit the scale of the neighborhood. We believe our objection regarding a second parking lot is in complete alignment with the City of Saint Paul’s comprehensive plan:
1.7 Minimize and consolidate driveway curb cuts on commercial streets as
opportunities arise. For pedestrian safety and comfort and to maximize on-street parking.

2.2 Support transit-oriented design through zoning and design guidelines.
Compact, street-oriented design should be emphasized to promote walkability
and transit use, especially in commercial corridors.

 4.11 To create livable neighborhoods and compact commercial areas,
promote and fund traffic calming measures.

Land Use:
 1.22 Establish boundaries for Mixed-Use Corridors to guide development
activity, monitor growth and other development conditions, and evaluate
performance toward meeting objectives for providing services.

1.52 Prioritize the development of compact commercial areas accessible by
pedestrians and transit users over commercial areas more readily accessed
by automobile. Discourage new and expanded auto-oriented uses.

1.53 Encourage changes to the design of existing auto-oriented commercial
buildings and areas with elements of traditional urban form to minimize
impact on the pedestrian realm.

We value the presence of Pizza Luce in the neighborhood but believe that St. Paul’s Comprehensive Plan is in place to try to limit encroachments of this sort, and also encourage alternate forms of transportation.  We advocate creativity in determining other uses of the second lot (for example, creation of a restaurant garden or a community space) but we do not support using it as a parking lot.  The question I propose is; do we want to set a precedent for businesses to tear down existing structures and build parking lots where there is no proven need and compromise livability in our urban neighborhoods?
We would appreciate your assessment of the proposed uses of this site, 1170 Selby with the compatibility of St Paul’s comprehensive Plan.
AnnMarie Fox
1197 Hague Avenue
On behalf of Save our Selby

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